2nd Jackass Removed From Thriving and Pleasant Anti-Empire Commenting Community

Gotta separate the wheat and the chaff

I’m really glad the article discussion section of the site is so vibrant with hundreds of comments each week. More than that, a lot of it is quality. I can’t read all of the comments but I read plenty of them, and I find good points raised, valuable corrections made, and useful tips given.

I also spot some dull national chauvinist fare, but I let it be. I have neither the time nor the personal inclination to police speech. If somebody wants to showcase the low-level of their thinking on a public forum, who am I to stop them?

ThusI have only ever banned spam bots — with two exceptions.

A living commenter was banned months ago (johnccarleton the display name for those with long memories) for spam. He kept posting the same repetitive fare under nearly every headline regardless of the actual subject of the article. The content was inane chauvinism but it’s the never-ending spamming of it he was banned for.

It might have been a coincidence but I noticed that afterward the comment section became much more lively. Yeah, apparently readers with something interesting to say appreciate not having to first wade through multiple spam messages under every headline.

The second was banned today. He posted some borderline retarded stuff about “kikes” and “ashtrays” (what a prize for his mother and father that one), but I’d actually let him be, but then he also started attacking and namecalling another commenter for no good reason.

I’m not going to have that. The way I see it Anti-Empire is a source of news, but it’s also a community. Not only is our anti-empire viewpoint not represented in the mass media, but often we’re surrounded in real life by people who are indifferent or, worse, have drunk the pro-empire kool-aid.

Many of us probably remember the 1990s before the internet and how ideologically solitary that time could be.

So yeah, a visit to Anti-Empire is a good way to catch up on world events, but it’s also a way to check in on the tribe that sees things the way you do and is fighting the fight. And in the comment section, in particular, it offers an opportunity to rub shoulders with others of a like mind on this cause of ours.

Now it’s true that aside from the anti-empire stance of ours we don’t necessarily share much else in way of background and politics. So a good level of toleration and skin thickness is advisable, but the idea I’m going to let some Nazi schmuck parachute in from his alt-right nests and start attacking my readers is not going to fly. The commenter experience has to be better than that.

And it’s not that you guys need protecting, but that I think your energy spent suffering imbeciles is better spent elsewhere.

Anyways, I’ve got your back, if there’s an idiot who is mainly detracting from discussions let me know, and if you have any thoughts on what a good moderating philosophy is (should I tighten up or is the laissez faire good?) leave a comment below.

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