All Around Decent Guy Lindsey Graham Wants Benefactor of Humanity, Bill Gates, as New WHO Chief (VIDEO)

Lindsey and Bill share the same instinct on the unprecedented once-in-a-century threat to people over the age of 85 with 3 or more existing illnesses

This is from last month but I just had to share it, it’s so touching:

Bill Gates already is the one person in the world with the most influence on the WHO. The proven friend to human life that is the pro-war Senator Graham now wants to make it official.

Question is, does Gates have the vote of alt-media’s most determined supporter of government lockdowns, Comrade Moon of Alabama?

Bill Gates, Linsdey Graham, and Comrade Moon, what a life and freedom affirming team that would make.

People dying in droves in what are often greedy, negligent care homes? The obvious course of action: take all our rights away in an African-coup style martial law, have us suffer the indignity of being locked in by the corrupt warmongering moral midgets and weaklings that dare call themselves our “leaders”, and nuke or division of labor into the stone age.

Then don’t let us out until our governments deliver a ransom to Bill Gates, but only in about 18 months or so, so he can also posture as our savior and receive the proper amount of gratitude and adoration. Sounds good to me and just what alt-media ought to be sticking up for.

Just be sure to keep screaming about how “some 1% of infected die”, the landslide of evidence to the contrary be damned.

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