And Just Like That the Fashionably Liberal Decided Killer Virus Was No Longer a Thing

Remember that thing you spent 3 months screeching about and clamoring for a police state over?

“Social distancing” much?

People not able to breathe in Colorado during a respiratory “pandemic”:

How many screeching COVID Karens are in this crowd?

It gets more hypocritical:

The Netherlands:

(Amsterdam’s mayor was in attendance.)

New Zealand:



Aaaahm? So there’s a lethal agent being spread between people, but registering your position on a problem in a foreign country nonetheless takes precedence?

That’s funny because I recall that the much smaller (and better behaved) anti-lockdown protests were demonized to no end.

I’m glad that the politically fashionable crowd has finally decided that:

  • You can’t be afraid of dying so much that you stop living
  • There are things more important than immediate safety
  • You can’t possibly allow the authorities to wield such enormous power with such impunity

Question is where have they been for the last three months? Oh yeah, that’s right. Busy cheering the police state on, and over something as ridiculous as a killer germ, which when the push comes to shove they don’t really believe in themselves.

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