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Anti-Empire — There When It Mattered Most

This site was one of the most valuable early resources and outspoken voices in the push-back against the anti-civilizational, Stalinist, COVID doomsday cult

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I feel the COVID lockdowns have largely jumped the shark with the liberal/progressive about-face on mass gatherings. (Albeit a full return to normalcy and the tearing apart of the “new normal” still awaits.)

Besides, in the weeks leading up to the George Floyd protests there was already a growing torrent of critique, including from the mainstream media (especially Tucker Carlson who did great).

That said, where by May many outlets were on the case and daring to point out the insanity and the holes in the hysterical justification for the chosen “cure” of Maoist lockdowns — in March and April it was still a very different story.

In those early days, when countries were falling to Draconian lockdowns one by one, standing up for caution and questioning the alarmism was a very lonely place to be. Even by standards of the alternative media. Easily half of alt-media crossed over to the Doomsday Cult and lent its voices to the sensationalist MSM,  and the medical police state.

Anti-regime outlets, which had been good on Empire and civil liberties for ages, abandoned all of their senses and demanded yet harsher crackdowns,  or in some cases went mum, shying away from commenting on the most consequential public policy since WWII.

In the midst of this hysteria stood Anti-Empire as one of the first speaking out against the mind virus, and the unhinged doomsayers pushing it. It was one of the most valuable early resources in the fight. (And still is a great resource with over 500 articles on all aspects of the issue in the archive.)

Just a very small sample of some of those important headlines:

Chances Are War on Corona Is a Fiasco in the Making. Politicians Are Rushing to Drastic Measures Without Reliable Data (March 18)

German Virologist of International Renown Warns Government Lockdowns Are a Horrible Mistake, Will Make Crisis Worse (March 23, 13000 views)

Fantastic Video Interview, German Infectologist: Gov’t Lockdowns Are “Collective Suicide”, Will Shorten the Lives of Millions (March 24, 16000 views)

Stanford Professors for WSJ: Covid-19 Fatality Rate Estimates Too High by Orders of Magnitude (March 25)

Renowned German Mathematician and Professor of Statistics Slams Dramatization of Covid-19 (March 27, 6000 views)

A Fantastic Recap of Everything That Is Wrong With the Hysterical Corona Spin by One Hell of a Scientist (March 28, 7000 views)

German Infectologist Decimates COVID Doomsday Cult in Open Letter to Merkel (March 31, 25000 views )

‘Without Lockdowns the Covid-19 Epidemic Would Have Been Over by Now’ (April 7, 14000 views)

‘The Statistics Are Just Plain Lies’: Dr. Ted Noel Torches Fabricated COVID Death Tally (April 8)

Minnesota State Senator & Physician Blows Whistle on Inflated Covid Death Tally: ‘Fear Is a Great Way to Control People’ (April 9)

The Oxford Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine: “The Age Affected Structure Doesn’t Fit With Pandemic Theory” (April 10)

Bye, Bye Western Civilization. Sorry It Had to End This Way: A COVID-19 Sign-Off From Moscow (March 24, 7000 views)

Please Stop Saying Sweden Is the One Taking a Gamble. There Is Nothing “Safe” About This Unprecedented Social Experiment (April 2)

To Swedes, It’s the Rest of the World Engaging in a Reckless Experiment (April 4, 8000 views)

Neil Ferguson, the Scientist Who Convinced Boris Johnson of UK Covid Lockdown, Isn’t Very Bright (March 29)

How the Hell Is This in Any Way, Shape or Form Proportional to the Actual Threat? (March 28, 17000 views)

Why Is Alt-Media Embracing the Police State? (April 12)

Civil Disobedience Can End the Coronavirus Stupidity (April 18, 6000 views)

A Death Sentence, For Your Own Protection (March 27)

And so many more in the archives:

The Great Hysteria Pandemic

The Covid Rouge

Mind Virus-19

Covid Pol Pots

Covid Stone Age

The Flat Curve Society

Sweden Resist!

Lockdown Cost

Belarus #1

South Dakota Resist!

Covid Heroes

Mind Virus Resistance

Another thing. Once or twice I read a reader’s comment — I believe made in jest — that Anti-Empire is reflexively Anti-American (albeit it actually goes through great pains to distinguish between the Empire and the American people, and even between the Empire and the US Government).  But when the push came to shove, who was there standing up for Americans? As America’s own established media was justifying crackdowns on them, Anti-Empire was standing up for ordinary Americans, their livelihoods, lives and civilization. This at a time when even swathes of the nationalist and alt-right media were beside themselves with fear, and begging for a totalitarian nanny state to drop. Anti-Empire noted that lockdowns had meant a partial relief from the Empire for foreigners, but found no joy in Americans’ misery at home. (Or that of NATO Europeans, indeed I’m a citizen of a country that is in NATO myself.)

Slavsquat‘s comment:

You know what’s amazing? How we knew everything back in March. What an incredible triumph of state propaganda. That there was so much damning info and arguments that were made from day one. But they were basically banished to the corners of the internet even while being made by big-name academics and scholars. Incredible.

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