Are You a Passenger?

Or an Empire-fighter?

The Empire is going to live out its existence on its own terms, and on terms of forces far more powerful than you or I. When it finally exits the pages of history (hopefully by dissolving itself peacefully like the Soviets did and not by incinerating the creation) it will do so when its own overreach, miscalculation, and self-inflicted wounds finally hit against the unyielding realities of economics, society and chance.

Nothing you or I do will have a measurable impact on how fast we are rid of it. You could spend your entire life, all your waking hours, all your energies in campaigning against it, and it almost certainly would not have an appreciable impact on the speediness of its demise.

Considering that it hardly makes sense to devote your life to nothing but Empire-fighting. A lifetime’s work for the collapse of an Empire is an easy trade to make but no such trade is on offer.

The only trade on offer is a crusade in a virtuous cause for — almost certainly — a lifetime of seeming futility.

Rationally what makes sense instead is to devote your life primarily to your calling, and to your family and children. To live a life worth living and to help those close to you do the same.

That is what makes sense, and that is what almost everyone should do.

But here is the catch — just because there is nothing you can do that will make a measurable difference, are you fine with doing NOTHING AT ALL?

If you are, that’s fine, glad it works for you.

But what if you are not?

What if you simply can not exist aware of the injustice, the slaughter, the hypocrisy, the strangulation, the lies, and the death that is the Empire and not do something, anything, against it?

What should you do then?

Well, there is at least one thing you can do right here and now.

But understand that Anti-Empire is not selling hope. It is not saying at the end of this is a future victory where we see the Empire fall.

The promise is merely that this site and its backers are going to fight regardless, regardless of the pathetic odds, the vastness of the behemoth’s resources, the seeming futility and pointlessness of it all. We’ll be pressing on totally independently of chances of success, or even of just denting the armor.

You’re welcome to join.

It is the right and virtuous thing to do. But that’s not why you should do it.

You should do it because it’s the right thing for you. Because your being does not allow you to be a mere passenger in history but instead screams out to do something to shape it, no matter how seemingly insignificant and futile.

Have you made your peace with not being able to affect the flow of history around you, or do you find that an insufferable and tormented existence?

You can, in fact, do something to make a stand, to mark eternally in the flow of time your opposition to the behemoth, and to pull history in your direction to an invisible, almost infinitely small extent.

Will you place your thumb on the scale of history?

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