Australia Forced Returning Citizens Into Quarantine “Hotels” Then Reused Blood Kits on Them. Now It’s Teling Them to Get Tested for HIV

Trade in your freedom for concentration-camp-acquired HIV

Hundreds of people quarantined in Australia must be screened for HIV, hepatitis B and C after blood tests kits were mistakenly used on multiple people.

Officials in Victoria have contacted 243 guests [“guests”?] who went through the state’s hotel quarantine system and had a finger-prick glucose level check between March 29 and August 20.

Used by diabetes sufferers, the devices should not be used by more than one person and Safer Care Victoria has admitted that it has put people at a ‘low risk’ of contracting several deadly viruses. 

‘The health of past quarantine residents is our immediate concern, so arranging screening for them is our absolute priority,’ Safer Care Victoria CEO Ann Maree Keenan said.

‘Blood glucose level testing devices intended for use by one person were used across multiple residents,’ Safer Care Victoria said in a statement.

‘This presents a low clinical risk of cross-contamination and blood borne viruses – Hepatitis B and C, and HIV.’

The scare comes as Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews wages a bitter war of words with Federal Treasurer Josh Frydenberg over the state’s COVID-19 restrictions.

There were just four new cases and one death in Victoria recorded on Monday, bringing the state toll from the virus to 817 and the national figure to 905.

Mr Andrews has allowed Melburnians to get a haircut, renovate their properties and wash their cars but retail businesses, pubs, restaurants and cafes must wait until November 2 to reopen.

Mr Frydenberg on Monday morning vented his fury at the Victorian premier for his ongoing refusal to reopen the state.

‘More than 1000 jobs are being lost every day on this premier’s watch,’ Mr Frydenberg said in Canberra on Monday.

‘The bloody-mindedness is unforgivable. The stubbornness is unforgivable. He’s making it up as he goes.’

The Victorian leader angrily hit back later in the day, claiming Mr Frydenberg was playing politics.

‘It’s all about the politics with this bloke, isn’t it? That’s all he does. He is not a leader, he is just a Liberal,’ Mr Andrews said.

The stoush threatens to make Friday’s national cabinet meeting more politically charged than usual, having not met for the past five weeks.

The Victorian government is meanwhile considering partly replacing its hotel quarantine program with electronic monitoring devices, The Age reported.

State health department sources are reportedly discussing whether to implement electronic bracelets [“guests” of electronic bracelets?] fitted with GPS technology so travellers could isolate at home.

Source: The Daily Mail

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