Australia: Police Knock a Man Down With Their Car, and Stomp on His Head. He’s Now in a Coma

State Premier Dan Andrews: "All of this can be avoided if people don't protest."

I’m sure the ten of thousands of Australians who protested police brutality in another country three months ago will pour out  any time now again

The father of a man brutally stomped on by police in Melbourne has spoken out about the shocking ordeal.

“I couldn’t sleep last night, I was so upset,” he told Neil Mitchell from 3aw.

The victim is now in an induced coma while the hospital conducts brain scans for potential injuries.

The distraught father says his son suffers from bipolar, and police were called to the hospital when his son went outside to meet his friend.

Witnesses say the man was intentionally hit by a police car before being tackled and stomped on the ground.

This comes as police tactics are widely being condemned in Melbourne in response to anti-lockdown protests.

Earlier this month, a pregnant woman was arrested in front of her children, and an ex-soldier had his door kicked in for posting on Facebook.

I was tackled to the ground and arrested while doing a piece to camera last Saturday.

More to follow.

Source: Rebel News

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