Australian Police Double as Immunologists, Constitutional Scholars, and Moral Gurus

Aside from violating your rights they will insult your intelligence with their drivel as they go about it

Listening to Victoria Police’s Luke Cornelius sure is something. Here’s him at the start of the Melbourne lockdown:

“Participating in this proposed protest would be a serious and blatant breach of the chief health officer’s directions and it jeopardises the health of the entire community,”

“The tinfoil hat-wearing brigade are alive and well in our community.

“They’re taking every opportunity to leverage the current situation to serve their own ridiculous notions about so-called sovereign citizens, about constitutional issues and about how 5G is going to kill your grandkids.

“It’s bats*** crazy nonsense.”

Is it the place of a public sector bureaucrat in the violence branch to be speaking of taxpayers who pay his wages as “boofheads”, “tinfoil” and “batshit”?

Why does a copper feel himself called upon to philosophize publicly on epidemiology, constitutional law, and morality?

A bureaucrat is a technical specialist for his field serving the citizenry and answerable to their elected representatives and courts. According to my elementary school civics teacher all public servants, but doubly so those who are armed and deal in violence (military and police) are supposed to be absolutely professional and apolitical.

So why is a cop general permitted to launch into ideological sermons? Into demonization and character assassination of the part of the taxpaying citizenry?

If the police have such strong opinions on best epidemiological practices and constitutional law what does that mean? That if a different democratically elected party was in power, which gave them different instructions, they would withdraw obedience?

After all, if it is up to the police to have an opinion on what is best medical practice in an epidemic they can not in good conscience do otherwise.

As far as I was taught it is up to the police to do as they are ordered, and it is up to those people’s representatives who gave them the orders to justify their actions, and to defend and propagandize the logic behind them, but certainly not for the cops.

Properly his comments would be limited to something like:

“We are ordered to do so by the government you picked, so that is what we are doing, as you are paying us to. The government assures us it is the right thing to do, and the courts have not told us it is against any law, so for us that is that. For more you’ll have to talk to our bosses (that you picked).”

They can talk about technical aspects of their activities, the numbers involved and the technical challenges they are facing but (according to my admittedly brief post-Communist civics education) it is not up to the police to have or espouse political (or medical LOL) opinions of their own.

It doesn’t stop them from violating your rights, but it at least it stops them from insulting your intelligence with their batshit, tinfoil, boofhead nonsense as they do it.

Not to mention that once police starts to resemble a political party, or the armed wing of one, with strong political views of its own, you’re no longer living in a democracy.

Is this the apolitical, technocratic police force of a liberal democracy, or the ideological “People’s Militia” armed wing of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union?

“No one has the human right to infect other people and to place the entire Victorian community at risk.”

“We’re not idiots, and the rest of Victorians are not idiots.”

“Stop playing us and the wider community for fools.”

“Just for one moment stop thinking about yourselves.”

“Spare a thought for the loved ones of the nearly 500 Victorians who have died so far.”

This is a political speech. Why is it being given by a cop?

Luke, the great public philosopher, and epidemiology maven

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