BBC Explains We’re Having a Total Shutdown So 80-Year Olds Can Still Die Just Not With Coronavirus

What a great reason to carpet bomb the tax base that sustains the health care system everyone depends on, including the elderly


Imperial College London modelling, used to inform government, has suggested 500,000 could have died by August in the UK if the virus was left to rip through the population.

It also warned the government’s previous strategy to slow the spread by asking those with symptoms to self-isolate and shield the most vulnerable could have led to 250,000 deaths.

Now, it is hoped the lockdown will limit deaths to 20,000.

But that does not mean 480,000 lives are being saved – many will die whether or not they get the virus.

Every year, about 600,000 people in the UK die. And the frail and elderly are most at risk, just as they are if they have coronavirus.

Nearly 10% of people aged over 80 will die in the next year, Prof Sir David Spiegelhalter, at the University of Cambridge, points out, and the risk of them dying if infected with coronavirus is almost exactly the same.

There you go. The total shutdown doesn’t mean we’re saving frail people. Even in their own model it just means the great majority will still die, they just won’t die with covid-19.

So this is worth:

a.) Forcing the elderly to live out the last months of their lives as prisoners.

b.) Depleting our economy and tax base which down the line is going to cost somebody his much-needed chemotherapy.

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