China’s Handling of Covid-19 and America’s Handling of H1N1 Compared Side by Side (VIDEO)

In 2009 swine flu infected 60 million Americans as US gov't and the corporate media underplayed its actual scale by a factor of one hundred

It is estimated that 11–21% of the then global population (of about 6.8 billion), or around 700–1400 million people contracted the illness — more in absolute terms than the Spanish flu pandemic. However, with about 150,000–575,000 fatalities, it had a much lower case fatality rate of 0.01-0.08%.”

Essentially the US took a Darwinian, laissez-faire approach of “do nothing, the strong will survive,” albeit I suspect the real motivation was to not upset the stock market indexes and GDP numbers that are so important to US governments. (And were especially important in 2009 in the early stages of the Obama Fed working to reinflate the financialization bubble after the Great Recession.)

While it could be argued that that was the correct approach (it all depends on your subjective aesthetics) the fact that the US government and the corporate media mislead (knowingly or unknowingly) the population, feeding them ridiculously low-balled numbers (100-times lower than reality) can not be defended.

The government-media complex denied the people the choice to make an informed decision for themselves. 12,000 Americans died. (While China with its forced quarantines and travel bans is likewise denying choice but on the side of Draconian caution — or overreaction depending on where you’re coming from):

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