Recent COVID-19 Coverage Focus of Anti-Empire

For the past 3 weeks or so the content on this site has mainly been in the service of debunking the harmful coronavirus hysteria at home rather than the usual fare of exposing and pushing back against the Empire abroad. The reason for this is two-fold.

First, there is simply a lot less other news right now. I still follow all the same sources and the picture that emerges is of a world that has gone into somewhat of a stasis on all other fronts. Not fully so, but definitely radically so.

Secondly, for me Empire-watching has never been an arena or a sport where you root for certain geographical actors against others. It has always been about opposing the most obviously needless and unnecessary man-made force in the world for chaos, regress, misery and death.

With 3 billion people currently affected by martial-law and house arrest conditions, I believe the Covid Rouge at home has become an even more mind-bogglingly unnecessary harm to humanity and its life, prosperity, freedom, development and contentment than the Empire acting from abroad.

In fact, I would say the War on Covid has all the hallmarks of an Imperial “humanitarian” intervention with all the same actors (the media, the chattering classes, western governments, international organizations, special corporate interests) driving it, except the Covid War is a hundred times bigger and unleashed at home rather than abroad. It is the mother of all humanitarian interventions with Kosovo, Libya, Syria, Darfur all rolled into one, relying on all the same true and tried tactics, and just as fraudulent. (And the sanctions aka “anti-virus measures” have the potential to kill every bit as many people as the sanctions on Iraq did.)

That said, there is still activity of the Empire abroad and in defense against it going on that is worth reporting on. Trouble is I’m shorthanded here. It’s just I and sometimes Slavsquat here, and it’s just not enough to cover everything that deserves to be. Even just on the Covid front much less on the Covid+Empire front. That said I’m trying and will keep so.

Something else I haven’t been able to cover to the extent it deserves and will try going forward is the insane financial shenanigans being done right now, with trillions in wealth being spread around while they have us safely locked up in our homes and terrified of an “invisible enemy”.

If you’re a donor who backed the site in the last fundraiser because you wanted to contribute to the anti-Empire front, but you now find yourself not sharing anti-Empire’s view and focus on the Covid War then I have sympathy for you. What I can say is that Anti-Empire has done much pushing back against the Empire in the past. Will keep doing so to the extent possible even through this madness at home. And will go right back to again making it the full focus the moment the Covid War at home is over. If that does not satisfy you, you can contact me for a refund of a Spring donation, but do understand that with a $500 monthly budget that might not happen right away.

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