COVID Death Cult Buries Skate Park in Sand, Human Life Digs It Out — Which Side Are You On?

The side of vandals or the side of civilization?

The Bolsheviks famously razed churches and executed priests. Stalin famously razed Moscow’s Cathedral of Christ the Savior in whose place Khruschev built a swimming pool. Mao’s Red Guards during the Cultural Revolution went a step further and targeted, not just buildings of sacral significance, but anything that was old and a reminder of pre-revolutionary times.

The COVID Rouge have not yet gone to the quite the same lengths. Churches have not yet been razed, albeit the little clergy that has not bent the knee to the COVID millenarian death cult and continues to hold services is harrassed and shamed as are the attending faithful.

Skate parks, on the other hand, have not fared as well. Throughout California the COVID Rouge has been burying them in sand:

Apparently 37 tons of sand was dumped on this particular park in Venice Beach, Los Angeles and the COVID Cultural Revolutionaries thought that was that.

Except human life showed up, and now used it as a dirt bike track, and cleaned out parts of it and restored it to its previous use:

Amazing what you can accomplish when you’re not afraid to leave your house. Nothing could illustrate the difference between us and the oppressive COVID cultists better. One is the side of death, misery, superstition, mob rule, irrationality, fear, lashing out, tyranny, cowardice, mass psychosis, deference, bootlicking, destruction and vandalism. The other the side of life, civilization, freedom and resurrection. One is the side that bulldozes skate parks, the other the side that digs them back out.

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