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Deputy Chief Medical Officer for England: “These Are COVID-Associated Deaths,” Not Deaths “as a Result” of COVID

The body count used to lock up the United Kingdom is fraudulent, a senior health official reveals

For more than a month, governments across the world have tried to dance around the vital question of how their harrowing COVID Death Tolls are tabulated. Jenny Harries, Deputy Chief Medical Officer for England, has finally provided clarity on this issue, debunking the hurtful rumors that the UK tally is greatly exaggerated:

Now for the UK, these are COVID-associated deaths. They are all sad events. They will not all be a death as a result of COVID

Recall that her counterpart across the pond, US COVID Dominatrix Dr. Deborah Birx, recently boasted about America’s “very liberal approach to mortality.”

Economic suicide, resulting in unspeakable human suffering, coupled with global police state measures that would make a Stasi colonel cream himself. Was it worth it?

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