Donald J. Trump Is Full of It on Syria — It Was Him Who Used Kurds for Raqqa and the Oil Fields

Kurds now protected where they are occupiers, but Empire invites their mortal enemies into their actual home

The ‘good old days’ of US forces wearing YPG Pinko-Commie Kurdish patches

Editor’s note: Brett McGurk was US Special Envoy to Syria which in practice meant envoy to the Syrian Kurds. As such he is no doubt biased but he is not wrong. His Tweet chain is a valuable memory jog.

McGurk is right to point out it was under Trump that the US guided the Kurds to turn southward and take Raqqa which they themselves had little interest in, and to then proceed with the “Race for the Euphrates” and to snatch Syria’s oil fields on the Euphrates right-bank ahead of the advancing Syrian army racing to lift the Siege of Deir Ezzor.

Trump’s claim that Kurds were paid “massive amounts of equipment” for this is bellied by the fact that to this day the YPG remains a light infrantry force with some US-supplied mine-resistant armored cars, but next to no artillery, or armor.

Trump may not have initiated the alliance with Syrian Kurds, he may not have liked it either. But he did go along with it, and it was under him that the relationship expanded into US armored car shipments that were driving Turks crazy, and the taking of vast swathes of Arab-populated eastern Syria to deny it to the advancing Syrian government.

Now we are in a situation where the US is still “protecting” the YPG in the Arab-populated south from the Syrian government army, as a way to deny eastern Syria to its legal government, but is inviting the Turks with their coterie of jihadists lite into the northern border zone where Kurds actually do live and where their main demographic enclaves are found.

Kurds are protected where they are occupiers, but where they actually live and where their ethnic enclaves are actually located their mortal enemy is invited to conquer them, and to replace them with ethnic Arab refugees ejected from Turkey.

That is indeed the height of cynicism.

And that is what makes it a true stab in the back, rather than a mere divorce. A disengagement respectful of the services the Kurds have provided the Empire as garbage men cleaning up its mess in granting ISIS a huge swathe of Syria, as well as temporarily denying it to Assad themselves, would have instead entailed a US retreat which commenced from the south, but for the time being kept checking Erdogan in the north, thus granting the Kurds the space and time to make a security arrangement against their mortal enemy with Damascus and the Russians instead.

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