Facebook Can’t Keep Story Straight on Why It Killed Viral Checkpoint Asia Article

Story on Churchill's WWII man-made famine in India read by 130,000 people in under two days predictably killed because reasons

From October 6th to October 7th over 130,000 people visited Checkpoint Asia in under 40 hours. This was on the account of a story (actually a book review) I wrote in December 2016, but which took flight and went viral after a Facebook repost.

It was continuing to spread like wildfire too, if anyhing it was continuing to pick up steam when Facebook killed the post.

Funny thing is Facebook can’t keep its story straight on why it did so:

Was the reason “nudity or sexual activity”?

Or was it “dangerous individuals and organizations”?

The one fact is that the article was purged from both pages just a short time apart.

Of course both explanations offered are beyond ridiculous.

It would take a pyschopath, or an incredible level of disingenuousness to see a graphic of Churchill’s emanciated victims, or a headline pointing out his enormous but little known crime, and conclude this has something to do with “nudity” or supporting “dangerous individuals”.

A “dangerous individual” according to FB

Back Checkpoint Asia’s struggle for historical literacy:

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