Fauci Goes Maskless When Cameras Turn the Other Way

People were prevented from receiving their chemo or organ transplant, or being with their loved ones as they lay dying, or holding a proper funeral for them on the account of his rules

The prophet of virus doom Dr. Anthony Fauci on a baseball field when the next closest person is 20 meters (60 feet) away, but when cameras are turned his way and he knows it:

Very exemplary. A true ambassador for mask-wearing and other COVID-fighting rules he laid down.

The same Dr. Fauci a little bit later when he is surrounded by two other people right next to him, but when cameras are turned away from him (or so he believes):

Hmmm. A little bit different. So the same crusader who played a pivotal rule in laying down virus rules that denied visitation rights to the dying, caused countless to go without their chemo, or prevented them from holding a proper funeral for their loved ones, apparently believes these rules are all a crock of shit anyway, or at the very least only applicable to the plebs but not to him.

Other people can die alone and isolated for his rules, he meanwhile can’t stand to breathe continuously through a cloth for two hours for the same rules that he did so much to impose on others.

And he’s not even honest about this part. He will pretend to be such an anti-COVID trooper that he will wear a mask even when he’s on a baseball field playing sports.

But surely then it would be twice as important to keep the mask on at all times while on the stands next to other people.

Fauci’s response:

Except the problem with that is that photos show him making hand gestures and playing with his phone, not drinking water.

Also if the argument is that the mask was hardly even necessary in the first place because that was his “close friend” and he tested negative just the day before — then why don the mask in the first place? Oh don’t tell us, it’s to lecture-by-the-deed. It’s to wield your own mask-wearing as a stick to beat other people over the head with (but then failing to properly execute even that).

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