For Pompeo a “Normal Nation” Is an Attack Dog of the Empire

A tiny power of just 5 million nonetheless barely ever misses the chance to be sicced on Empire's enemies

Night club bouncer Mike Pompeo has demanded Iran starts behaving “like a normal nation” “just like Norway”. Just how normal is Norway? Answer:


Aha, so this “normal nation” has joined in the attack on Yugoslavia in 1999 and on Libya in 2011, has participated in the occupation of Iraq, and is still participating in the occupation of Afghanistan.

Even more useful for the Empire its Atlanticists elites are only too eager to prop up the Empire in diplomatic, moral and propaganda spheres.

This isn’t the resume of a normal nation but one of America’s auxiliary attack dogs.

It will be much preferable if Iran stays what it is, a normal and independent country, a rarity in our world.

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