HILARIOUS: US Envoy Threatens to Spend Russia and China ‘Into Oblivion’ in a Nuclear Arms Race

You're gonna pay for that with Diners?

Editor’s note: A) Soviet defense spending patterns did not follow America’s. B) The Soviet system could have gone on for another 20-30 years had Gorbachev not started tinkering with it without understanding C) There is no indication either China or Russia would be so foolish as to try to match Washington’s expenses. D) Have you checked US finances lately?

US arms control negotiator Marshall Billingslea, far from focusing on avoiding an arms race, saying that the US “sure would like to avoid it” but is also willing to spend Russia and China “into oblivion” to win a nuclear arms race.

“The president has made clear that we have a tried and truce practice here. We know how to win these races and we know how to spend the adversary into oblivion.” This was the go-to US strategy in the Cold War, where the US vastly outpsent the Soviet Union.

With the US scrapping the INF and Open Skies treaties, it seems unlikely to extend New START, making a costly arms race an increasing risk. Since the US vastly outspends everyone on the military, there seems to be an assumption they can win by just keeping up the spending.

Whether that is practical going forward, however, is another matter. With the US engaged in a costly battle with coronavirus, there was already talk the US would have to slash spending, particularly on arms, to deal with the deficit. A huge arms race is just not affordable.

Source: Antiwar.com

Assistant Secretary for Terrorist Financing in the U. S. Department of the Treasury Marshall Billingslea
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