Hillarious: US and Turkey Strike a “Deal” That Syrian and Kurdish Fighters Will Withdraw, Cede Northern Syria to Turks

'Massive success' for Trump as Turkey confirms it won't shoot if it gets everything it wants without a fight

What an amazing diplomatic success for POTUS. He struck a deal whereby the Turkish invading army will conduct a 120-hour “operational halt” to allow the YPG and the Syrian army to capitulate and give the Turks everything that they want without fighting:

For a 5-day pause in large-scale offensive operations Turkey got the US to sign under its demands for a massive 14,000 km2 occupation zone in Syria, and the full disarmament of YPG:

Hillarious. Trump has gone from saying the two should “fight it out” to mandating that the Kurds (nobody is even talking about Damascus) acquisce to everything Turkey wants in Syria, and hyping this as an amazing deal he was able to get for the Kurds thanks to his sanctions threat against Turkey.

The US has no leverage. The Syrian governemnt and the Kurds have already rejected the US-Turkish fantasy as having nothing to do with them. That is the Kurds have said they welcome the “cease-fire” part and will indeed “cease firing” but haven’t said they will necessarily meet any of the other demands.

Trump should stop embarassing himself. If there is a negotatied settlement to be had it will have come out of negotiations between Damascus and Ankara, not Washington and Turkey.

Indeed there might be middle ground if the YPG withdraws but the border zone is taken over by the Syrian army rather than the Turkish one. But may that be too reasonable for Erdogan?

Erdogan changed the demographics of the previously Kurdish Afrin enclave in NW Syria and would love to be able to do the same to Hasaka and Kobani and thereby extinguish once and for all Kurdish secessionism in Syria, as well as expanding its Syrian Islamist emirate. However by this time it must be dawning on him that that is no longer militarily and politically feasible. Ie the international fallout and military casualties would be too high.

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