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It’s No Coincidence That COVID-19 First Popped Up in Wuhan, But Not in the Way You Think

Pulmonary patients are studied more closely in Wuhan than almost anywhere else in the world

The American/Western conspiracy theory is that COVID-19 is an “escaped bio-weapon” which found its way out Wuhan’s biosafety level 4 laboratory which is only one of two such institutions in China.

The corresponding Chinese conspiracy theory is that COVID-19 is an American “bio-weapon” spread by the US delegation to the 2019 Wuhan Military Games.

Why someone would use a virus that is as good as spreading as the common cold, and equally unlikely to make a healthy person significantly ill as a “weapon” is unknown.

And yet it’s not a coincidence that the virus seemingly first popped up in Wuhan as a German doctor explained more than six weeks ago (starting at 2 minutes 10 seconds):

Wuhan is home to China’s largest and most advanced virology center. As such it’s full of medical researches looking into all sorts of things, and running tests, surveys and trials on the local hospital patients all day long.

When a new disease appears it’s eventually going to be first discovered somewhere. But not every geographical location has the same odds of being the first where that happens. Obviously places that are home to massive centers of virology learning have a far greater chance of being the first.

The Occam’s razor explanation is that this is what happened in Wuhan. The city probably did not even give birth to the virus. Instead, owing to its horde of researches constantly doing work in the local hospitals it was simply the first to discover and map the new infection.

(Incidentally, a new infection that is no worse than any other virus causing influenza-like illness but for which we have a test (which is not true for most of them) allowing ourselves to scare ourselves with numbers devoid of context.)

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