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Lockdown Nazis Shout ‘Defund the Police’

Is that right?

This is a very interesting tweet by Trump:

So then Gretchen Whitmer, Eric Garcetti, and Bill de Blasio have joined the call of “defund the police”.

That’s very interesting because Whitmer, Garcetti and de Blasio might as well be the lockdown Nazi triumvirate. (Lori “Haircut” Lightfoot of Chicago would have a strong claim as well).

So let me get this straight. So people who for three months have been at the vanguard of lawlessly using the police to crack down on the most normal human activities are now also in the vanguard of punishing these same police departments for…for something.

It’s almost as if the bunch that was at the forefront of catering to one Maoist mob is in the forefront of catering to another.

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