MAD KING Putin to Hold a Parade 90 Days After Proclaiming Black Death Has Reached Russia

It was such a big plague it had to be postponed for exactly 56 days

So not much of a plague after all??

Putin orders the “Victory Day” parade to be held June 24th (not Victory Day):

President Vladimir Putin said Tuesday, May 26, that Russia has passed its peak of coronavirus infections and ordered a World War II victory parade postponed by the pandemic to be held next month.

The postponement of the May 9 Victory Day parade had been a huge blow to Putin, who had hoped to gather world leaders to watch troops march on Red Square to celebrate 75 years since the defeat of Nazi Germany.

But with the number of new coronavirus cases declining steadily in Russia, Putin told Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu to reschedule the parade for June 24.

“According to experts, the peak can be considered passed,” Putin told Shoigu in a televised video link-up.

I’m sorry VVP but this isn’t how it works. You don’t put a country into medical martial law only to be running gigantic parades less than three months later.

Either this was the once-in-a-century mega-killer that justified a historically totally unprecedented universal lockdown —— in which case you have no business organizing a non-essential parade so quickly.

Or if two months after you first raised alarm you already know you can hold a military parade next month, it means it wasn’t such a big deal in the first place and didn’t warrant unprecedented never-before-seen measures in the first place.

So which one was it? Because I’m guessing when the Bubonic Plague made landfall affected cities weren’t hanging out at giant parades 90 days later.

March 25th Putin made a national address about the coronavirus. March 30th he allowed Sobyanin to take Moscow into lockdown. Next week he — again on Sobyanin’s insistence —allowed the lockdown to become national.

But 50 days later he’s all like “yeah let’s have that giant parade we usually have”.

Some freaking plague it was, then. The kind of ‘plague’ that postpones your biggest national holiday, the essence of your national being for…precisely 56 days. Should never have called it off in the first place then.

Should have kept your cool. Some did.

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