The Lockdown-Fueled Covid Panic Is Already Killing More People Than the Actual Virus

Sooner than even we expected

Up to 400-500 people in quarantine Scotland are now dying weekly because they’re too afraid of visiting a hospital to seek urgent  aid for non-COVID issues

Financial Times:

His comments came as new data suggested a sharp rise in overall deaths in Scotland that is not fully explained by the numbers succumbing to Covid-19. National Records of Scotland data showed that a provisional total of 1,741 deaths from all causes were registered in Scotland in the week to April 5, 643 higher than the average of 1,098 deaths registered in the same week of the previous five years.

Coronavirus was mentioned on the death certificate registration for 282 of the deaths.

In the week to April 5 there were 282 COVID-positive deaths in Scotland of which probably two-thirds were deaths with COVID, and one third were deaths from COVID. [That’s according to an estimated split by lockdown fanatic Neil Ferguson.]

Yet at the same time there was a total of 1741 deaths for a very high total of 643 excess deaths.

643 people died who otherwise would not have. Perhaps one hundred from Covid-19 and another 500 because of something else. What was that other cause?

The very same Financial Times piece reveals that weekly emergency admissions in the UK have collapsed from 180,000 to just 60,000 a week, and the number of people who seek urgent help for a cardiac event has dropped from 450 to 500, to just 250 a day.

Up to 500 of those excess deaths in Scotland are then people too terrified of contracting the dreaded plague in a hospital to seek urgent medical aid for non-COVID issues, firstly heart attacks but also others.

God only knows how many are postponing potentially live-saving preventive and screening procedures on top of that, and will pay the price months and years from now.

I think it was a given that lockdowns would ultimately kill more people than COVID-19, but even I am deeply shocked this happened so soon. 

Also we can’t even say that lockdowns albeit killing some people, are saving others, because for as long as we have spare hospital capacity to treat COVID patients, which we absolutely do, they are totally counterproductive.

Just as in any “do something” “humanitarian” intervention we have politicians opting to kill *more* people and make matters worse in order to appear concerned, and so that “humanitarian” crusaders can feel better about themselves and have something to do.

Of course, technically, nobody is prevented from seeking urgent aid in a hospital. However, the fear of hospitals is a direct and predictable outcome of the siege mentality that is pushed by the media, the virtue-signaling social-media busybodies and the government stay-at-home orders. It is a fear which we know is irrational, but which would be perfectly rational if Covid-19 actually was the plague the crusading governments claim it is.

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