Median Age of Swiss Covid-19 Deaths Is 83. Swiss Life Expectancy Is 83

But two-thirds of the deceased are men whose life expectancy is 81

Official Swiss data from a report by the Federal Office of Public Health:

So far, 559 people have died in Switzerland who had tested positive for COVID-19 in the laboratory. There were 358 men (64%) and 201 women (36%). The age range of the deceased people ranged from 32 to 101 years. The median age was 83 years.

Of the 543 people for whom complete data are available, 97% suffered at least one previous illness. The three most common pre-existing conditions were high blood pressure (66% of those who died), cardiovascular disease (55%) and Diabetes (28%).

Okay, 97% had at least one pre-existing condition, and the median age of the deceased was 83.

83 also happens to be Swiss life expectancy: link.

So the median Swiss Covid-19 fatality is dying exactly at the age you would expect him to if there was no Covid-19.

But since 64% of those who died are men whose life expectancy in Switzerland is “only” 81, and just 36% were women, it follows that adjusted for gender, the median male and female Covid-19 fatalities actually expired slightly above their respective life expectancies.

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