Mr. Trump, When Did Iraq Order These American Bases It Is Supposed to ‘Pay’ For?

Did you keep a copy of the order?

I am familiar with the concept. You order something, for example online or by phone, and when it is delivered to your doorstep you pay for it.

So when Trump says the US won’t submit to Iraq’s order to leave its soil until Iraq pays US “back” for the billions in construction costs for American bases there I am left wondering when did Iraq order these bases?

When exactly did Iraq wake up one day and was all like “You know what’d be great? If Americans came over here with hundreds of thousands of troops and contractors and needed to spend billions on base-building. Let’s go ahead and tell them to come over here and do that.”

I’ve got a decent memory but I can’t quite remember when that was, but surely the US has kept a copy of the order Trump can look up, and jog our memory.

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