New Poll: 86% of Trump Voters Say Biden ‘Did Not Legitimately Win’ Election

That's not going to have consequences for stability and sustainability down the line...

According to a new YouGov Poll, 86% of President Donald Trump voters believe that Democrat Joe Biden “did not legitimately win the election.”

According to data journalist, G. Elliott Morris from The Economist who sponsored the poll, the findings reveal “a host of troubling findings about public confidence in the election.”

Interestingly, the poll revealed that a majority of voters American voters, 53%, believed that Trump would win against Biden in the 2020 Election, and 73% who said they will “never know the real outcome of this election.”

In addition to this, less than half believed there could be ‘a peaceful transition of power’ if an illegitimate Biden is allowed to be sworn in on January 20, 2021.

Source: 21st Century Wire

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