Pennsylvania “Cowards” Besiege the Capitol: The Inside of an American Anti-Lockdown Protest — Photo Essay

Editor’s note: In Pennsylvania, where the 40-hospitals and 85,000-employees UPMC health provider has declared it will go back to normal and proceed with elective procedures as the epidemic threat was overblown and is now over, the Democrat Governor is nonetheless maintaining a stringent lockdown. Four counties have actually withdrawn obedience, telling the businesses in their borders they’re free to disobey Governor’s orders if they want to. For this act of open rebellion and fearlessness in the face of a supposedly deadly plague the bed-wetting Governor has deemed them “cowards” “desert[ing] in the face of the enemy.” But for some at least the greater enemy is not a virus which spreads merely to survive, but the Governor who knowingly tramples on their rights and livelihoods of his own political calculation, lest a speedy reopening with minimal negative consequences demonstrates a lockdown wasn’t necessary in the first place. It was these deplorable “cowards” who gathered — largely maskless — Friday in the open in front of the state capitol to demand an end to the mandatory, government-enforced surrender to a little virus. I felt the report below has good photographs for a very intimate feel of what the inside of an anti-lockdown demo in the US looks like.


Pennsylvanians showed a lot of heart this Friday in Harrisburg.

People of all types and ages came out with amazing signs and let the governor and his creepy health secretary know they have had enough of their baloney.

Many of the signs have detailed info on them about why the lockdown is not supported by science.

Photographing them was great fun – scroll down and take a look at some of these signs, the passion, humor, and creativity are fantastic.

Old and young, patriotic and pragmatic, business owners and bikers, blue collar or blue hair, veterans and teens – they came to say no to Wolf’s lockdown of the Keystone State.

(One funny scene was watching the mainstream TV reporters who were already 30 yards from any crowd and more than 6 feet from their camera crews put their masks on when the cameras were rolling.)

Event organizer Matt Bellis, of Lancaster County, PA

The fake news media was out in force, and they, of course, all wore masks, signaling hard that they buy into the panic. The police were also all masked. Almost nobody else was.

Source: Lancaster Blog

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