“People Aren’t Buying It” — Trump Rips Into “Dumb Bastards” at CNN for Pushing the THE FLU OF DOOM 24/7

The flu is voter issue #3 or #4, economy and jobs is #1

Trump said that the American people were tired of hearing about the pandemic.

“You turn on CNN. That’s all they cover. ‘Covid, covid, pandemic. Covid, covid, covid,’” Trump said. “You know why? They’re trying to talk people out of voting.”

“People aren’t buying it, CNN, you dumb bastards,” Trump continued. “They’re not buying it.”

The president also mocked CNN’s Chris Cuomo, suggesting that the late-night anchor may have faked his coronavirus illness in March.

“I watch this guy, he’s got lousy ratings, you know Fredo?” Trump asked his supporters, referring to a frequent nickname used for Cuomo.

“He’s got horrible ratings, he’s talking about the pandemic. .. I don’t kno. He said he had it,” Trump said. “I’m not sure he had it. He went into the basement. It’s the only time his ratings were up. People wanted to see what was going to happen.”

Source: Breitbart

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