Podcast: DNC Candidates Plan to Bring the Empire Home

Joanne Leon explains how the candidates will hurt Americans

Joanne Leon returns to the show to talk about the race for the Democratic Party nomination. Joanne breaks down the horrific plan offered by Mayor Pete in response to mass shootings. She explains his plan is likely to lead to the oppression of more Americans. 

Kyle and Joanne update the Tulsi Gabbard campaign. While Tulsi remains the favored candidate for most people in the antiwar movement, Rep Gabbard recently voted in favor of an anti-BDS bill. Joanne gives her take on why Tulsi casts the vote and how the vote was rejected by the candidates base.

Joanne also discusses the highlight of the second debate, Tulsi smashing Kamala Harris’ disturbing record as an Attorney General. In response, Harris attacked Tulsi support of Assad. Joanne and Kyle take down the myth that talking for foreign leaders is an immoral policy. 

Joanne Leon is the host of the Around the Empire podcast. 


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