Police Break Up Attempted Anti-Lockdown Protest in East Germany

Reportedly 300 attempted to march but were brutally suppressed

It seems we owe Europeans an apology. They did attempt to protest the Covid Rouge occupation in the same vein that Americans are, but on the old continent the powers that be do not shy away from old-fashioned methods in dealing with dissent:


Nearly 300 people reportedly took part in an unauthorised protest in the city of Chemnitz on Monday, to oppose the restrictive measures imposed to fight against the coronavirus spread.

Footage shows police forces pushing protesters and dragging them away, with some seen being arrested.

Jens Lorek, a lawyer from Dresden, said, “there was to be a gathering here of 500 registered participants. That was initially banned by the city of Chemnitz.

Then an administrative court in Chemnitz overturned the ban and allowed just 15 participants to gather here due to the measures against the coronavirus.”

Only 15 people were initially allowed to rally in front of the Karl Marx monument at the demonstration led by the right-wing ‘Pro-Chemnitz’ group, with some clashes reportedly erupting when hundreds filled the area chanting slogans and showing banners.

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