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Pompeo Demands Syria Institutes a ‘Permanent Ceasefire’ With al-Qaeda, Says Looking for Ways to Help Turkey

Lavrov: There will be no "capitulating before terrorists", the offensive continues

Imagine somebody demanded the US institutes a ‘permanent ceasefire’ with AQ?

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Pompeo, a friend to the bin Ladenites wants a ‘permanent ceasefire’ for them just as they are about to be wiped out (or would be if Turkey and the US got out of the way):

Assad’s brutal new offensive there, cynically backed by Moscow and Tehran imperils now more than 3 million displaced persons, including as we have tragically seen, young people.

As we have said many times before the regime will not be able to obtain military victory. The regime’s offensive only heightens the risk of conflict with our NATO ally Turkey. 

The answer is a permanent cease-fire and UN-led negotiations on the UN Security Council Resolution 2254. As President Trump said on Tuesday we are working together with Turkey on seeing what we can do together.”

Lavrov says Russia isn’t inclined to “capitulate before terrorists” no matter how much Pompeo wants to coddle them:

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov on Tuesday rejected calls for a halt to a Russia-backed Syrian offensive in Idlib in northwest Syria.

“This is capitulating before terrorists and even a reward for their activities in violation of international treaties and numerous UN Security Council resolutions,” Lavrov told the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva.

Lavrov accused some governments of “a desire to justify outrageous acts committed by radical and terrorist groupings.

“Otherwise, it would be difficult to explain admonishments about the possibility of concluding peace agreements with bandits,” he said, referring to the situation in Idlib.

The double standard:

During the attacks the West had waged on Mosul, Raqqa and other cities under IS control, the German government had persistently stressed that the war against the jihadis must be continued regardless, of the catastrophic situation for the population and the high rate of civilian casualties.

In today’s Russian-Syrian war against Al Qaeda subsidiary HTS, it is using a completely different set of standards.

Last Thursday in a telephone conversation with Russia’s President Vladimir Putin, Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Emmanuel Macron were insisting that there be an immediate halt to the combat against HTS.

They received support in this demand by the EU Heads of States and Governments, who, on Thursday evening, declared at their summit that the war against the jihadis is causing tremendous suffering, it is therefore “unacceptable” and “to be halted immediately.” The Union had never raised such demands during the West’s murderous bombing campaigns in Mosul and Raqqa.

Yeah indeed, what if somebody had demanded the US stops its assault on Mosul and Raqqa and institutes a ‘permanent ceasefire’ with ISIS? What if somebody had demanded the US institutes a ‘permanent ceasefire’ with al-Qaeda on September 12th 2001?

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