Pompeo: God Sent Trump to Save Israel From Iran, but Iran Government to Blame for Iran Floods

The Mullahs, not US sanctions to blame for flood deaths according to US Secretary of State who believes Trump may be God's instrument on Earth

God and Iran are in an adversarial relationship according to Pompeo

Iran is facing flooding in 26 of its 31 provinces and due to US sanctions is dealing with them with a severe shortage of rescue helicopters and impossibility of money transfers to Iranian aid organizations from other countries.

Yet Pompeo insists that US sanctions are not blocking relief, instead it’s the Tehran government which is the cause of the disaster:

On behalf of the American people, we offer our condolences to the victims of the recent floods in Iran. These floods once again show the level of Iranian regime mismanagement in urban planning and in emergency preparedness. The regime blames outside entities when, in fact, it is their mismanagement that has led to this disaster. They even jail environmentalists for attempting to help Iran prepare for these very issues.

One wonders, given Pompe’s willingness to entertain the idea that God is working through Trump against Iran, if he also doesn’t privately believe the floods were likewise sent by God to set back the Iranian government.

Perhaps for Pompeo it is not Iran government “mismanagement in urban planning and in emergency preparedness” which has led to the disastrous floods — but instead its “mismanagment” in opposing Israel in the Middle East.

Would also explain Pompeo’s callousness in shrugging off obviously valid complaints that sanctions are hamstringing relief efforts; after all one wouldn’t want to interfere with God’s own floods destroying Iranian government’s infrastructure — and as Pompeo clearly hopes — setting back its credibility with its people.

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