Rebel Pocket Folds, Syrian Army Surrounds Turkish Military Outpost

1 Turkish base neutralized. 11 more to go

Turns out the initial reports of a massive rebel evacuation were true. The great majority of rebels defending the southermost rebel salient in North Hama abandoned the field Monday when the Syrian army enveloped khan Shaykhoun, or to a lesser extent, slipped out of the cauldron after it was formed Wednesday.

Advancing into the encircled towns south of Khan Shaykhoun the Syrian army found them empty and took them without a fight.

This means since Monday huge area has fallen to the Syrian army quickly and with light losses only. The only ground that still remains to be recovered is the actual ground taken by a Turkish military outpost that was previously set up near the front line but now finds itself deep inside Syrian government-controlled territory.

Without a doubt the Turks will have to pack up now.

Situation yesterday:

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