Russia Says It Can Weather $30 Oil for up to 10 Years

Or $25 oil for 6

Editor’s note: Russia’s budget breakeven price was previously reported as $42. With a 15 percent ruble-to-dollar decline on the oil price collapse news from 65 to 75 that should now be $38. Add $530 billion in FX and gold reserves and the Russian boast doesn’t seem too far off.

Now that both OPEC+ and OPEC no longer exist, and it’s a free-for-all of “every oil producer for themselves” and which Goldman described as return to “the playbook of the New Oil Order, with low-cost producers increasing supply from their spare capacity to force higher-cost producers to reduce output”, the key question is just how long can the world’s three biggest producers – shale, Russia and Saudi Arabia…

… sustain a scorched-earth price war that keeps oil prices around $30 (or even lower).

While we hope to get an answer on both Saudi and US shale longevity shortly, and once the market reprices shale junk bonds sharply lower, we expect the US shale patch to soon become a ghost town as money-losing US producers will not be solvent with oil below $30, assuring that millions in supply will soon be pulled from the market, moments ago we got the answer as far as Russia is concerned when its Finance Ministry said on Monday that the country could weather oil prices of $25 to 30$ per barrel for between six and 10 years.

The ministry said it could tap into the country’s National Wealth Fund to ensure macroeconomic stability if low oil prices linger. As of March 1, the fund held more than $150 billion or 9.2% of Russia’s gross domestic product.

Incidentally, this may explain why over the past two years, Putin has been busy dumping US Treasury and hoarding gold: he was saving liquidity for a rainy day, and as millions of shale workers are about to find out today, it’s pouring.

Source: Zero Hedge

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