Stupidest Lockdown Yet? South Australia COVID Cultist Trying to Blame Pizza Man for Bizarre Decision to Lockdown

Suffering from lockdown mania, hysteria, cowardice, and affinity for voodoo the COVID rouge had themselves convinced a super-virus was about only their timely tyranny would stop

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The absurdity of lockdown policies has become clearer than ever.

The state of South Australia went into an unnecessary six-day lockdown on Wednesday after a man lied about a pizza.

The man in question works at a pizza bar in Adelaide. He tested positive for Covid after going to the bar, but claimed he only went there to pick up a pizza. This led the authorities to believe he must have been exposed to a very virulent strain of Covid, as he had only been present for a short time. The decision was then taken to lock down the state.

But it has since transpired that the story was untrue. In fact, the man works at the pizza bar, meaning his exposure to the virus will have been longer. The lockdown will now end three days early, and it could have been avoided altogether, say officials, if he had told the truth.

Governments across the world have been far too trigger-happy with lockdown. Reckless and damaging restrictions should not be imposed at the drop of a hat. The fact a whole state has ended up in lockdown based on the false testimony of one person is staggering. Our leaders have no idea what they are doing.

Source: Spiked

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