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Marko Marjanović – Editor:


2009 – 2014: Ran the Crappy Town blog on the Balkans, Eastern Europe, Western interventionism and history.

2013-2014: Contributed to The Voluntaryist Reader libertarian anarchist group blog.

2014: Contributed to The Libertarian Liquidationist libertarian anarchist group blog.

2014 – 2019: Editor for Russia Insider.

Founded this site, at the time as Checkpoint Asia, in 2016 to work on in his spare time. Made it a full-time project in March 2019.

Had articles published by, the Mises Institute and the Libertarian Institute. Guest blogged at The Kremlin Stooge and The Vineyard of the Saker. Had articles republished by the New Cold WarOff Guardian, Signs of the Times, LewRockwell.comGlobal Research and others.

Edward Slavsquat – Contributing Editor:

Edward Slavsquat is an American in self-exile in Russia who sometimes writes things on the internet.

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