Originally this site was supposed to be a way for us all to learn more about Asia. It still is, but learning about it I have been struck by how infuential and present the American Empire is even in this part of the world. Inescapably then a resource about Asia also has to be about the state and activities of the Empire. Influence which is malign, but fortunately for itself and the rest of us, Asia is much too large, much too ancient, and much to proud to suffer US hegemony for too long. The salvation, the retreat of the Empire, starts in Asia. Join in to follow this welcome development.


Marko Marjanović – Editor:


2009 – 2014: Ran the Crappy Town blog centering on the Balkans, Eastern Europe, western interventionism and history

2013-2014: Contributed to The Voluntaryist Reader libertarian anarchist group blog

2014: Contributed to The Libertarian Liquidationist libertarian anarchist group blog

2014 – 2019: Editor for Russia Insider

I started Checkpoint Asia some time ago to work on in my spare time, but since March 2019 it is now my full-time project.

Had articles published by, the Mises Institute and the Libertarian Institute. Guest blogged at The Kremlin Stooge and The Vineyard of the Saker. Had articles republished by the New Cold WarOff Guardian, Signs of the Times, LewRockwell.comGlobal Research and others.

I’m from Slovenia, and speak Serbo-Croatian along with English and Slovenian. I’ve always been very interested in history and history-in-the-making (news).


My own understanding of the world is informed by libertarian anarchism whose starting point is dignity for the individual but I’ve learned from and been able to find common cause with people across the spectrum.


Since 2015 I’ve been based mainly in the Philippines which has sparked my curiousity about Asia—ergo this site. It’s my attempt to learn more about this part of the world and you’re welcome to come along for the ride.


One thing I’ve learned so far, however, is that the Empire is scarcely less present than on any other continent, so the site is inevitably an Empire Watch one along with everything else.

I really want to recruit for Checkpoint Asia some of the very talented people that I worked with in the past, and met along the way, but so far I don’t have the finances to lure them from the much safer corporate pastures.

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