Terrified of COVID-19? Don’t Worry, Vegetables Can’t Get Respiratory Illnesses

Who knew that when martial law came it would be met with a flood of virtue signaling in favor of obeying it?

A very good friend of mine says:

I feel like something epic needs to be written about all of this, but i’m struggling to think up the words that accurately convey my disappointment in humanity.

It’s just going to get worse. we can’t even begin to imagine what is in store for us. Meanwhile, the herd will beg for more,

The only thing I’ve learned from the dreadful media industry is that it is literally impossible to have an imagination that is imaginative enough to predict the insane shit that governments will do, and the ridiculous bullshit people will believe and agree with.

And now we’ve reached a bullshit level where even the “anti-corporate” alt-media are in lockstep with the official narrative. Peter Hitchens will probably be arrested and guillotined for posing a public health risk.

Everyone I know back in the US has gone full retard. People who were convinced 2 weeks ago that Trump is a Russian agent are now begging the government to control every aspect of their lives

Just can’t even wrap my head around this one…

I couldn’t agree more. It is impossible to convey just how stupid and insulting to common sense and basic human dignity this thing is.

I’m sort of sorry for spending all this time on the Great Western Lockdown these days, but what can I do? This is the big one. The occupation has come home.

The only silver lining perhaps is that at least the world might get some minimal respite from the Empire out of this, but I’m not sure that’s much of a consolation for you out there while you’re dodging curfew patrols.

Support to everyone out there resisting, whether DC restaurants or beachgoers in Australia.

And for all the liberal interventionists and neocons out there: Please do tell me how we need to spread democracy and “liberty” around the world, with bombs if need be, while you print up a certificate from a government website so you can leave your house.

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