The Polls Are Garbage

Wisconsin for Biden by 17 and Assad is chemical weapons attacking kitten shelters

A NEW POLL HAS Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden leading President Donald Trump by a yawning 17% less than a week before the election in the crucial swing state of Wisconsin, where the coronavirus is raging.

A Washington Post-ABC News poll released Wednesday found that the former vice president is leading Trump 57% to 40% among voters in Wisconsin.

The poll suggests a far more decisive advantage for Biden than other recent surveys of the state’s electorate and presents cause for concern for the president, who has faced criticism on his pandemic response.

Utter garbage. In what universe does a swing state go by 17 points for anyone?

The piece goes on to try to rationalize the fantastic and glaringly idiotic numbers by an appeal to COVID, but there is a far simpler explanation: the poll itself is garbage and the product of self-deluded minds.

But if the imperial regime media is able to spread such nonsense about Wisconsin, an actual part of the United States, imagine the warped disconnect from reality they are capable of in relation to all the far-away places Washington DC is bombing and sanctioning. 

Go ahead, learn about Venezuela, Yemen, Syria, Russia, Iran, etc from the same people who predicted Wisconsin going 17 points for Biden based on an actual poll they did…

Of all the 2020 “battleground” states in the rustbelt Wisconsin is the most elusive one for Trump, but “17 points” insults the intelligence of us all, especially of the folks spreading it.

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