The Spoof Klaus Schwab Twitter Account Is Brilliant Deconstruction of Our Self-Imagined Patrician Class

But please stop citing it as if it was actually Schwab

By now I’ve seen entirely too many people raging against the tweets of this spoof account as if they were really talking back to Schwab.

The account has no blue checkmark and was created last month. It’s a satirical deconstruction and unmasking of Schwab by someone who has studied him and his ilk closely.

It is brilliant, hilarious, frightening, and basically spot on as to what Schwab really thinks (according to a friend who studied him), but real Schwab it ain’t.

Schwab isn’t going to lower himself to the point where he is talking to you on Twitter.

And while Schwab and the modern parasite would-be patricians are by no means wise people, they do have just enough sense to know they can’t be quite this open about their misanthropic, technocratic, elitist agenda — not if they actually want to get anywhere with it.

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