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Turkish German Politician Demands Deportation of Germans for Resisting the New COVID Normal

"I demand tougher laws to be able to deport" "Just get out my country"

Aziz Bozkurt, an SPD politician, and Federal Chairman of the Migration and Diversity Working Group in the SPD:

I demand: tougher laws in order to be able to deport these life threateners. No matter how. Does not matter where. Just get out of my country. #COVIDIOTS

So here is an Anatolian demanding to deport people who welcomed him into their country, but on present evidence probably shouldn’t have.

A second-generation immigrant threatening to stage mass expulsions of the autochthonous population. Charming.

Funny how with the help of a little coronavirus PC Bozkurt can set himself up as morally superior to the German everyman, and so superior in status he can openly contemplate their expulsion without consequences in polite society.

“Migration and Diversity Working Group” for the win!

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