U-TURN: Trump Seeks Last-Minute Nuke Deal With Russia Before Election

Candidate Trump again far superior to President Trump

While the US spent most of 2020 not making serious inroads on a nuclear deal with Russia, President Trump is now reported to be interested in quickly rattling one off before the November 3 election.

Officials believe that once talks begin in earnest they could wrap things up within a week. They are also warning Russia that Trump would add more demands to the deal if it’s not finished by the election.

That forces Russia to make a decision, as the US was all but impossible to deal with before and 2021 Trump would apparently be a continuation of that. Meanwhile, Vice President Joe Biden, who is leading in the polling, has expressed interest in making a deal with Russia if he is elected.

That might be informing Russia to make a deal based on who they think is going to win. Getting a deal done should be a priority either way, however, and that might encourage making a deal now instead of risking a surprise Trump win giving way to an expiring New START.

Russia’s Deputy FM Sergey Ryabkov also questioned US confidence of getting a deal done in a week, saying they are huge differences in approach to the deal and it might be more difficult.

Source: Antiwar.com

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