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UK Cops on the Prowl for “Social Gatherings” Bust Down Door, Break Into Lonely Man’s Apartment (VIDEO)

Warrants are so 2019

Those strongly advocating the lockdowns (and even policing people walking alone on the street, disgusting), this police-state behaviour isn't far away.GRAPHIC: Police smashed a residents door in looking for 'social gatherings'. The police are out of control. These Police should be prosecuted for criminal damage and abuse of power. Got given a right serve. #CoronaPolice #CoronaCopshttps://twitter.com/BanTheBBC/status/1249598512427347969

Posted by Eva Karene Bartlett on Monday, April 13, 2020


Clearly this was all the resident’s fault. If he had nothing to hide why didn’t he just open the door, instead forcing the police to destroy his property and force their way in? This is just like when Saddam Hussein tricked us into thinking he had WMDs forcing us to invade.


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