US Agrees Deal With Taliban It Could Have Had in 2001

Non-binding 'roadmap to peace' commits the US to a withdrawal, the Taliban to snuff out Al-Qaeda and ISIS for the US

The Taliban also accept to enter into talks with the US-organized Kabul government on power-sharing: that is something they wouldn’t have accepted in September 2001, but something they could not even dream of when their leaders including Mullah Omar in December 2001 accepted to disband

The latest round of talks between the US and the Taliban have ended with what is being called a “roadmap to peace” for Afghanistan. The agreement is non-binding, but points toward a formal agreement being not far down the road.

The talks effectively have an agreement on the US withdrawal and the Taliban fighting against ISIS and al-Qaeda, and commits both sides to a deal to end civilian casualties and negotiate with the Afghan government on power-sharing.

Zalmay Khalilzad, the head US negotiator, is expressing hopes that the deal will ultimately be finalized by September 1. This would be the day for signing the deal, though when everything would be implemented is still unclear.

A final deal is expected to both put a timeline to everything, and provide some mechanism of international guarantors for the peace deal, ending 18 years of US-led occupation of Afghanistan.


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