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US Patrol Turned Back at Syrian Army Checkpoint. US Officer: “We Are Here to Bring Peace Just Like the Russians”

Syrian officer: "Wherever the US goes it brings death and destruction, you are not welcome here"

More footage from the February 12 standoff between a US patrol and Syrian villagers and soldiers in the village of Khirbet Amo in northeastern Syria. The standoff eventually resulted in

  • American reinforcements arriving in 5 additional vehicles,
  • the Russians arriving on the scene to try to calm things down,
  • a molotov cocktail being thrown at one of the American vehicles,
  • the Americans killing one of the villagers,
  • the Syrians opening rifle fire on armored US vehicles,
  • F-16s circling overhead, firing flares from a low altitude,
  • and the Americans in the end nonetheless retreating and going back to base.

The exchange between the US commander and a Syrian officer through an Iraqi translator the Americans have with them:

– “We Are Here to Bring Peace Just Like the Russians”

– “Wherever the US goes it brings death and destruction, you are not welcome here.”

The Russian perspective as gunfire breaks out:

What the Russians are saying among each other as Americans open fire. Not everything is intelligible, and expletives are edited out from the audio track:

– Look, he is shooting.

– Who?

– The pindos [a derogatory term for Americans].

– What is he shooting at? He is shooting at something. He is shooting over their heads.

– An outrage… They are moronic soldiers.

– “Bringing peace”…

– What does he want even want?

– There was no order to open fire.

– Nobody will understand anything.

– He is blocked, he has nowhere to go… This is the [person/vehicle] we are supposed to guard.

– He poured something on its back too.

– And you, comrade major, ask, “Why everybody is [expletive muted]?” Huh? You understand now that there is no difference between them.

– But they shoot, see, there are impacts.

– Aviation…

– What’s that?

– F-16 or something…

– He gets lower… There he is.

– What’s his caliber?

– 12.7.

– They have provoked it themselves.

Among everything else a Syrian villager also had fun raising his national flag over one of the US vehicles:

– “Smile you’re in the Syrian Arab Republic, you asshole. Film, film, film the mercenaries with the Syrian flag over their heads”

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