US Troops Set Foot in Taiwan for the First Time Since 1979 Recognition of ‘One China’ Formula

The first time it's officially publicized

Taiwan’s Naval Command on Monday (Nov. 9) confirmed media reports that a contingent of U.S. Marines have arrived at the invitation of Taiwan’s military and will begin training Taiwanese troops for four weeks starting that day, marking the first public acknowledgment of U.S. soldiers training in Taiwan in over 40 years.

Starting on Monday, the Marine Raiders, the Marines’ special operations soldiers, will begin training Taiwanese Marines in assault boat and speedboat infiltration operations at the Tsoying Naval Base in Kaohsiung, reported UDN. This is the first interaction between Taiwanese troops and those of an allied country since the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) put a halt to such exchanges about seven or eight months ago.

The Navy Command stated that this case is a ‘routine Taiwan-U.S. military exchange and cooperation training.” It said that it hopes that through this exchange with U.S. Marines, it can improve the combat capabilities of its own troops.

The U.S. Marines first followed the Ministry of Health and Welfare’s epidemic prevention protocol of observing two weeks of quarantine at an epidemic prevention hotel before the training could begin.

The Navy Command at 10 a.m. on Monday morning issued a statement in which it said: “In order to maintain regional peace and stability, the military and security cooperation and exchanges between Taiwan and the U.S. are proceeding normally.” However, it would not comment on the details of the exchange.

It is notable that this time the Navy Command confirmed that active-duty U.S. Marines have come to Taiwan. This marks the first public confirmation of U.S. military exchanges in Taiwan since the cessation of diplomatic relations between Taiwan and the United States in 1979.

Source: Taiwan News

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