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White Helmet Tactics Come to the US to Prop Up the Covid Rouge

No 'humanitarian' intervention is complete without play-acting

Supposed nurses in Denver staring down anti-lockdown protesters supposedly to prevent gridlock that would block ambulances:

However, judging by the photos there is no gridlock, except perhaps the one being created by the “nurses”:

How come “nurses” have time to “counter-protest”? Aren’t we in some kind of a pandemic they’re the supposed heroic “front-liners” in?

Or perhaps they are nurses who have been furloughed because hospitals have in fact never been emptier? But then why would furloughed nurses be mad at protesters fighting for their jobs?

We would know more but these “nurses” decline to say which Denver hospital they are supposedly from. Why?

We may soon learn these are “nurses” like the White Helmet acting troupe are rescuers from rubble.

What would be more interesting to find out would be if they are merely a pair of overzealous Covid Rouge acting on their own, or if like the White Helmets they were put up to it by elements from the US government.


Even Reuters seems to know it’s BS calling the counter-protesters merely “a man in medical scrubs”.

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