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Sweden Is Recording ‘Died of Covid-19’ and ‘Died With Covid-19’ Figures Separately. Why Isn’t Everyone?

Why keep attributing deaths differently than for every other infectious disease out there?

A bit about how Sweden is making sure its citizens have access to correct and meaningful data on covid-19 infections in their country:

Hospital data is published all the time, so Sweden’s “experiment” is being conducted in the open. Every time a patient is admitted, the data is updated on a Covid live website in striking detail. Average age: 60. Those with diabetes: 26 per cent. With cardiovascular or lung disease: 24 per cent. With at least one other underlying health condition: 77 per cent.

Sweden is also updating its statistics to say if someone died from Covid, or of something else – but with Covid. This might reduce the “death” figure by two thirds.

Yay. Not recording Covid-19 deaths in a way that is not true of any other infection out there. How novel!

How novel that you would keep the same method, allowing you to actually compare covid-19 records with those for other infectious diseases and drawing meaningful conclusions from them.

Sweden is recording ‘died of COVID-19’ and ‘died with COVID-19’ figures separately. Why isn’t everyone? Is it because it just makes too much sense?


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