The Powers That Be Are Ecstatic That the Left Believes the Biggest Problem Right Now Are Statues of Dead White Men

Do not be deceived. From the point of view of the elites the infantile, reactionary and cult-like left has never been tamer

In the US and the EU both, we’ve witnessed the biggest monetary heist in history. We’re sailing into a depression that central banks have set up for us over the past two decades. And we’re doing so in the worst possible condition thanks to the Draconian, harebrained and unnecessary lockdowns that the politicians imposed on us.

Several of Empire’s wars and occupations continue in Afghanistan, Somalia, Yemen, and Syria. Tension is being needlessly cultivated with China and Russia, and the entire architecture of nuclear arms control is just about done being thrown in that trash bin of history.

Simultaneously the people of Venezuela, Iran, Cuba and North Korea continue to have their livelihoods needlessly strangulated as a form of Imperial collective punishment.

In the midst of all this, the left has graduated from protesting cops (which is a good thing, albeit not nearly as urgent as protesting the hunger blockade on Yemen) to protesting statues of dead white people.

Yeah. The number one priority for hundreds of thousands of indignant lefties right now are statues. Statues. Lumps of bronze shaped to resemble historical figures.

I can tell you one thing. The power elites are ecstatic. At a time of their biggest failure in a century, when their corruption, cowardice, and short-sightedness has brought us to the edge of the precipe, and when by all rights they should be bracing for an hour of reckoning there is instead a large protest movement raising hell about…statues.

Is it any wonder they are falling over themselves to accommodate them?

There they thought this was pitchfork time, but turns out the mob outside the palace is primarily concerned with…heaps of bronze in public spaces.

For all its cultural Maoism a more redundant, inconsequential and tamer protest movement could hardly be imagined.

This is precisely the sort of distractions and missing the point the power elites thrive on.

Traditionally authorities and politicians are judged on their ability to deliver material growth, that is to preside over economic expansions. The-present day political class feels itself extremely vulnerable and lacks all confidence precisely because it no longer knows how to deliver growth.

It is for this reason they hurried to the safety and the warm embrace of the COVID doomsday cult — it was a welcome respite from the expectation of delivering growth which they no longer know how to do. It promised to release them, if only for a short time, from that pressure, and delivered a situation where they would be judged on a totally different criteria — the criteria of whether they were cracking down on us and the economy hard enough.

It is for this reason that they find the green ideology of no-growth so alluring. It is for this reason they love to jump onto non-problems raised by SJWs. And it is for this reason they love adopting “humanitarian” interventionist causes and launching humanitarian cruise missiles and bombs. Anything that delivers even a temporary respite from having to be judged on the traditional criteria of economic growth.

It is not in the interest of those who enjoy participating in the exercise of power and heap benefits from doing so in wealth and status, to open their eyes to the fact it is they themselves who have weighted down the economy with crony regulatory regimes written by big businesses and hollowed it out by shortsighted and profligate monetary and financial policies.

Incapable of seeing their own hand in the destruction of the economy and the injustice and parasitism they cultivate, they instead seek out frantically any other criteria to be judged on besides the fundamental question of economic justice and visible material growth.

And the left, which at one time was all about economic justice and the material betterment of the working people, is only too happy to oblige and work to bring to the forefront such “crucial” issues as pronouns, bathrooms, and statues.

Welcome the new kind of “left”, the court left playing a very valuable role for the elite and the status quo.

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