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US Armored Truck Tries to Ram a Russian Armored Car in Northern Syria, Nearly Gets a Civilian Killed

The US has graduated from "merely" blocking to trying to ram the Russians in Syria

US and Russian patrols intermingled, the Russians like the civilians in a hurry to get past the heavier US mine-protected trucks. The lead US vehicle first swerves left to prevent the Russian overpassing on the outside, then pushes the lighter vehicle off the road as the Russian switches to inside. There is a pedestrian that nearly gets run over as a result at the 35-second mark:

The Russian car is a GAZ Tiger which comes in at 7 tons if armored, the US vehicle is a M-ATV which weighs in at 14 tons.

We only have footage of this because the civvy was in the right place to capture it with his dashboard camera. How much more of this stuff is going on that we don’t know about?

So far the US has been putting up roadblocks to try to stop the movement of Russian convoys (the Russians do not mind the American convoys) but still wants to pass through pro-government villages itself and persisted in a prolonged standoff when it was blocked from doing so last week, eventually opening fire and killing a 22-year old civilian.

A reminder, Russia is in Syria at the invitation of the Syrian government. In the words of the US president, the US military is there to “keep the oil”.

In northeastern Syria where this took place Russia is specifically to keep the Turks out and the Kurds safe, a job claimed by the US for itself then abdicated as it pulled out from the immediate border area to let the Turks in.

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